Cable & Wire Extrusion Lines

Across the world, Supermac is known for its evolutionary product line and carrying the best amalgamation of quality, cost and delivery.Its products are trusted by the who’s who from the world cable industry cementing the top space for brand Supermac.

  • Dry cure CCV lines for Medium / High Voltage cables

  • Triple extrusion line for Insulation of silane-XLPE cables up to 33kv

  • Insulation line for Building wires/Automotive wires

  • Insulation & Sheathing lines for Building wire/Submersible cables

  • Insulation & Sheathing line for Power cables

  • Sheathing lines for Optical fibre cables

  • Tandem extrusion line for Lan & telephone wires

  • Insulation & Sheathing line for THHN cables

  • Tandem extrusion line for Solar cables