Haul-off caterpillar & capstan

The new series of Supermac Caterpillar are conceived with incorporation of new generations of AC servo motors. The modern age Caterpillar is flexible enough to cater to wide range of Applications.

The concept of high torque Gear Box & constant torque compact motors gives customer a ease of covering wide range of product without worrying about the hassle of gear changing system. The selection of energy efficient motors not only provides high torques at slow speed but also helps in saving energy & runs maintenance free for long time.

Caterpillar is fully guarded, providing the maximum safety & access of cable to operator. The complete machine is approved & marked as CE for confirming with European standards.

The system incorporates the Gang Roller Assembly, engaged in pressing the high quality Nitrile rubber belt against the cable, the pneumatic controller is provided to efficiently control the pressure of belts. The belt guide rollers are provided to keep the belt in centre of wheel. Adjustable vertical & horizontal guide roller are provided to keep the cable in centre of belt. Caterpillar is incorporated with sensor device for measuring the line speed.

Key features:

  • Low & easy maintenance
  • Multiple applications possible
  • All machines are fully Guarded
  • No requirements for multi step gear boxes
  • High safety standards approved as per CE mark
  • New caterpillars can be integrated in existing lines
  • Compatible with Industry 4.0 norms & IOT Enabled
  • Electro mechanical switches are given for operator safety during running