Cross head

Supermac has introduced the new series of Cross Heads which are compact in design and offers the uncompromised accuracy of distributing the extruded material over the conductor. The new series of cross heads are meant for insulation & sheathing application of round, Sector shape & multi core cables. The wide range of models are available in Fixed Centering, Manual centering, Single Cross Head, Dual Cross Head and Triple Cross Head.

The in house production capabilities at Supermac enable us to achieve the high accuracy in machining of cross head parts which in turn given our customer nearly the perfect product suiting their application. The cross head components are made of special alloy steel & are vacuum heat treated. The most important part of the cross Head is its melt distributor. Its task is to uniformly distribute the molten polymers over the conductor. Various melt distributor profiles are designed and developed through computer software's to suit the challenging demands of new generations of polymers like PVC, Nylon, XLPE, ZHFR and FRLS etc.

The Cross Head is supplied with internal cartridge heating system, which helps in fast heating of head & conserve the heat energy from external losses.