Supermac is consistently on the move to come up with advanced solutions that will turn the cable industry around. It strives to evolve the way the industry functions and continue its journey of pioneering cable industry technologies.

The company is investing in R&D and improvement of existing procedures to further accelerate growth and trigger excellence.

As a leading company, Supermac possesses world class competence in the field of Extrusion technology for communication, building, power, instrumentation and control cables. The expectations of customers are increasing not just for products but also for solutions in terms of technology behind the origin of the product. The company’s approach to this change is to meet both the requirements and that too with unique expertise, superseding client's expectation. This has helped the customers get end to end solutions as per specific requirements. All this is achieved through the core team of experienced engineers who try to get the grip of the customers need and then analyze the same information within the provided parameters and come up with potential tailor made solutions. All this helps the customer save a lot of time, energy and money. This emphasis on tailor made solutions has provided SUPERMAC with added advantage and helped in surpassing competition by miles.


  • Mission

    The mission at SUPERMAC is simple and clear cut. It revolves around customer satisfaction by providing the best of Extruder & Extrusion systems. This is achieved by combining the experience in design and manufacturing techniques backed by strong service backup.

  • Vision

    Supermac strives to become a global leader through its quality products and services and to create an environment characterized by respect for each individual.


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