The new generation of Supermac Extruders are perfectly adapting to the demands of processing newly developed materials like PVC, FRLS, XLPE, ZHFR etc.

The incorporation of energy efficient Torque Motors are coupled with the high Torque Gear Boxes to meet the challenging demand of processing new materials.

The screw Barrel Geometry is a result of 40 years rich experience in Extrusion field & handling of various Polymers over the years. The extruder incorporates the 3 stage High Torque Helical Gear Box, meant to deliver the high Torque. System is delivered with splash cooling & force cooling lubrication system depending upon the requirement. The combination of latest generation of asynchronous motors, drives & perfect design of Screw, Barrel & Feeding zone results in absolute no pulsation even at low RPM. The demanding natures of new polymers like ZHFR which are very sensitive to friction heat are also extruded easily.

The Barrels are offered in Nitrided & Bimetallic version depending upon the process requirement. Barrels are honed & design to bear the max pressure of 1000 bars. Barrels are grooved linear or helical depending upon the polymer & process requirement.

Screws are made of Nitro alloy polished & bored for heating/ cooling with thermo regulation system. Extruder is provided with melt pressure gauge & transducer for keeping a check on pressure building in Extruder.


The space saving Mobile Extruders usually operates in conjunction with the fixed Horizontal Extruder. Thus in combination provides extra flexibility to insulate Automotive wires, Building wire & Control cables etc. and also employed as auxiliary extruder for skin insulation, striping & coloring.

It is grounded by the foundation bolts & provides mobility in all four directions. i.e. backward, forward & both side ways. It ensures that its mobility leaves no impact on the quality of the products & provides the ease of cleaning and changing of screw & cross head as well and manages the thermal expansion of main extruders.


Extruder control is through a Modular Automation System which is assembled in line as per customer requirement & optimizes the extruder as single unit and as a part of complete line. The implementation & designing of all control concepts take place in Supermac’s own Electrical Engineering Department.



SE-30-25D 150 5 40 3 6 30 18
SE-38-25D 150 7.5 50 3 6 35 25
SE-45-25D 150 15 60 4 12 80 55
SE-60-25D 120 30 300 4 20 120 110
SE-60-25D 100 30 300 4 20 150 100

100 56 670 5 25 280 180
SE-100-25D 80 90 1120 5 35 400 260
SE-120-25D 80 130 1600 6 42 600 380
SE-150-25D 60 235 2650 6 48 900 500
SE-175-25D 50 265 3370 6 73 1350 850

Other L/D Ratio can be Supplied on Request


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