Supermac CCV line is a result of 40 years of dedication in cable Extrusion Industry.

The incorporation of high torque motor and drives that provide Customer with wide range of torque required to extrude various products, since the system is compact therefore it is easy to couple the system directly on the machines & eliminates the requirement of various speed changing Gear Box.


Supermac CCV line are meant to run long continuous production schedules taking care of frictional heat and pressure and delivers uniform production.

The line is equipped with driven Pay off & Accumulator, so that the changes over of Bobbin are done without stopping the line.

The entry Capstan runs in synchronization so that the cable is controlled optimally& line runs without any jerk.

The online X-Ray device checks and displays the concentricity & thickness of all three layers to operator on the screen during the running of the line.

The curing of cable is done though nitrogen gas in the catenary tube on line. Once the heating part of curing is done, and then starts the cooling of cable with in the tube. The cable comes out cooled & cured out of end seal portion of the curing tube.

The exit Caterpillar is provided with enough pulling force to handle the cable tension to maintain the Catenary SAG in the tube.


Supermac offers a new online service support system to Customer where in the PLC software & program can be handled from Supermac own site, giving customer fast support in hour of need.

The Triple Extrusion Cross Head is a state of art product of supermac product profile; it incorporates the melt distributors of different profile, shape & depth for all three layers. The system is oil/water heated from inside, which uniformly heats all the zone of Cross Head.

Key Features:-

  • Online Diameter controlling.
  • Fast tool changing.
  • On line service facility to handle PLC and electronics problems
  • In-house manufacturing that ensures excellent service and quality.
Product Data : 66KV line Specifications
Cables MVXLPE Cables
Voltage Range 6 - 66 KV
Conductors 1000mm² Cu
Maximum Cable Diameter 75mm
Maximum Cable Weight 15Kg. / meter
Triple Cross Head 40 / 65
Wall Thickness
Inner Semi Conductor 0.4-2.0mm
Insulation 2.2 To 12mm
Outer Semi Conductor 0.4-2.0mm
Line Execution
Length of the Line 190 meter
CV Tube -
Line Speed 3-30 meter/minute
Extruder Group
Inner Semi con 75mm
Insulation 175mm
Outer Semicon 90mm



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